AtCo Lawn Mowers

Atco lawn mowers classified as rotary, electric, cylinder and ride-on mower. The rotary and the roller rotary lawn mower available are of petrol type. Rotary lawn mower in general is equipped with Quattro cut technology and is available in self-driven and hand push type. The roller rotary, which creates neat lawn stripes are available for small sized and medium sized lawns. The chassis construction offers enviable twenty years corrosion free warranty. Cylinder lawn mowers available are power driven and consist of models usable for lawns measuring in 20m*20m dimension and 50m*50m dimension. These Atco cylinder mowers create enviable finish wherein the final appearance matters much. The electric mower available is limited in models and is applicable for compact gardens measuring to 15m*15m. Atco electric mowers are hand push type and are economical with affordable price range. The corded electric mowers cable length measures to 15 metres and requires minimum assembly to start the work. Ride-on mowers available falls in four different criteria, firstly for lawn size up to 0.5 acre contains small cutting width. Secondly, the ride-ons applicable for one to 1.5 acres offer cutting width in 30cms, whereas ride-ons applicable for to two to 2.5 acre consists of cutting width in 38 cms. Finally, the one applicable for 2.5 to 3 acre contains 40cmscutting width.

About Atco

We have discussed about the various types of Atco lawn mowers in this section with brief insight about the important features. Furthermore, the roller and the rotary roller mowers belong to the same class with the difference in the finish quality. The cutting width in this category is between 18 to 21 inches and with the difference in the engine capacity. On the contrary, rotary roller mowers indicated as linear series varies from the roller with respect to the cutting width, engine start-up mechanism and the cutting height adjustment, which is greater for the roller types. The rear roller offers the advantage of mowing area measuring up to 55m*55m, although only restricted models have this capacity. The cylinder lawn mower indicated as clipper series, integrated with powerful B&S engine, renders sharp performance level for small and medium sized lawns. The cutting blade system is notable aspect in the cylinder mowers. Ride on mowers available resembles either, as mini-sized car or scooter type wherein riding the mower is comfortable by eliminating the gear set-up and replacing it with control levers. The warranty period of the Atco mowers is two years and 5 years for parts and labour.

Roller Rotary Lawnmowers

The Atco rotary roller lawn mowers are available in hand-push or propulsion type. The key characteristics of the mower include the twenty years anti-corrosion warranty on the chassis. Secondly, despite the variation in steel or aluminium chassis, the mowers are sturdy and limited models contain anti-scalp comb integrated on the front. The advantage of this set-up includes the ability to attain cleaner stripped finish. We have discussed the similarities and the differences between the different models of Atco liner rotary mower series.

Similarities between the liner rotary lawn mower range

Description Explanation
Chassis The chassis body is made of either steel or aluminium and is provided with large diameter rear rollers offer the best in class stripped lawn effect
Cut height adjustments The lawn mowers depending on the cutting widths feature two cutting height adjustment specification. The 18 inch models consists of 20mm to 70mm variation using single lever and workable in five positions. On the other hand, eight adjustable cutting height is possible between 18-65mm variations
Mower operations The mowers perform cut and collect and variation in the grass bag capacity increases with the increase in the cutting width

Differences between the liner rotary lawn mower range

Description Explanation
Cutting Width The cutting width is either 18 inches or 19 inches depending on the price, however these contain the centralized height adjustment feature
Engine The engine used is Briggs and Stratton but the variation is in the series and the net output produced. The net output varies between 1.87 KW to 2.69 KW. Engine starting mechanism is recoil or electric key start
Propulsion mechanism Amongst the cutting width variations, mowers available in hand driven or power driven varies marginally with respect to performance. The power driven ones consists of 4-speed power drive wherein the user gets better control while mowing near the flowerbeds.
Lawn size The lawn size applicable is for medium sized (40cm *40cm) and large sized lawns for higher end models (50*50 and 55*55cm)
Wheels Either the rear roller wheels consist of front 180mm wheels or 175 mm wheels with roller bearing made of either aluminium or steel. The wheel variation brings about the extension of mowing until the edges

Rotary lawn mowers

These mowers are applicable for medium sized lawns and constructed using the light weighted polypropylene chassis. Though it is easy to move around, the mower housing can withstand harsh knocks and its tough exterior is obviously rust ridden. The common mower operations include cut, collect and mulch. The optional mulching kit is available which discharge finely clipped grass fragments. Besides the integrated collector bags capacity ensure the clippings stay accordingly for medium sized lawns. Other variations with respect to the cutting width, engine net output, propulsion types gives further insight of the minor and the significant advantages between the models. The table below gives the overview as what are the similarities between the series and the differences, so you can pick the one applicable for your lawn.

Description Similarity Variations
Cutting width At least two models with the same cutting widths are available but the difference is with respect to the propulsion mechanism Good variations in the cutting width starting from 15 inch up to 22 inches is available
Engine The engines used in the lower cutting widths are 148 and 158 series B&S types whereas the engines used for higher cutting widths starts from 500 and is available up to 675 series Net-power output, which is a vital performance deciding parameter, varies between 2800 to 2900 rpm. The starting mechanism is either recoil or electric key type
Propulsion type The mowers are either hand pushed or power driven type Amongst the power driven type, the transmission is single speed with 3.7 for smaller mower decks and four speed ranging between 2.8- 4.5 km/h for longer mower deck types
Miscellaneous factors The cutting height adjustment commonly used is 5 positions for entry-level mowers and nine positions for higher end mowers. the wheels dimension is 200 mm in both front and rear set-up for nearly all the mowers Higher end expensive mowers designed with aluminum alloy wheels ensure cutting of longer grass at ease.


Atco cylinder mower combines the effectiveness of latest technology, durability and delivers proud stripped finish. Named as Clipper series the power behind these mowers owes to Briggs and Stratton four-stroke engine. The running power determined by the centrifugal clutch consisting of variable speed mechanism. The key features include,

  • Designed with infinitely adjustable cutting heights
  • Specific models consists of front and rear rollers made of steel and ensures perfection in every stripe
  • The engine starting mechanism is of recoil type
  • Available in two different cutting widths ( viz 18 and 20 inches)
  • The clipper series consist of either six steel blades or ten blades. Depending on the number of blades, the cuts per metre is either 340 or 565. The latter cuts per metre is highly applicable for commercial usage and also certain demanding domestic usage
  • The applicable lawn size is from small size and up to medium sized lawns, ( viz 20m x20 m or 50 m x 50m)


Electric lawn mowers are of corded types. The mower deck is made of polypropylene and owing to the lack of heavy engine; the mowers are light-weighted. The cutting height is either 15 inches or 16 inches. The mower dimension is applicable for small sized gardens and facilitates such as the camlock fittings renders good usage irrespective of the user’s physical stamina limits. Difference between the models includes the net motor output, which is 1800W for higher end models and 1600W for the smallest one. The collector bag capacity also varies and the mower’s basic operation is to cut, collect and mulch. Other factor such as the cutting height adjustment and cable meter length is constant. Irrespective of the difference in the cutting width both the mowers consists of large wheels and rear roller that creates neat stripped effect for the small gardens.


Ride on mowers comes with a wide range of cutting widths and dimensions. Starting from the compact models up to the much sought after flagship model, the selection feasibility is decent. We have discussed comprehensively the entry-level ride-ons, mid-range mowers, and the sophisticated ride-on mowers. Nevertheless, the classification based on the cutting widths provides the detailed data in a simplified form.

1. Entry-level ride on mowers (cutting widths -25 cms and 28cms)

These mowers are compact and aptly suits intricate landscape. Apart from the compact stature, both the mowers differ largely in their performance factor. The compact one with smallest cutting width is semi-automatic transmission and lacks gear. User can move the engine up to 140 cm turning radius using the forward and reverse gear. The pressure applied on the lever determines the speed and machine control. Maximum speed attainable is 3.06kW at the rate of 2700 rpm. The cutting blade lies adjacent to the differential front and rear wheel and the safety brake ensure that the ride-on stops as shortly within three seconds upon disengagement. The basic functions include cut, collect but contains optional mulching accessory. On the contrary, Atco designed the same compactness in a higher efficient B&S 344 engine with hydrostatic transmission that renders good variable speed control and turns at the maximum of 150cm. The maximum speed attainable is 6.8kW and rapidly spins at 2800 rpm. The biggest advantage of the mower is the forward visibility, which does not disrupt the mowing experience.

2. Mid-range ride-ons (cutting width 33 cms)

The Atco mid-range ride-on mowers powered by the Briggs and Stratton engine series is available in one cutting width, viz (33cms). There is much commonness between the models such as the 3130 AVS engine system, adjustable height ranges, and lawn capacity (1 to 1.5 acres). Other than this, the ride-ons can slide through 36-inch gate, which is remarkable, and thanks to the hydrostatic transmission control, that moves the machine in forward and reverse speed at highly user centric speed control. Twin contra rotating blade system gets under control by the flick of the switch. The buzzer system notifies the user when the clippings need transfer. The optional mulching kit is available to make things easier. Besides this, the only difference between the mid ranges mowers is the maximum speed limit (varies between 8.8 and 9.7 Kmph). The speed limit variation indicates the user dependency to use the mower based on the landscape and the nature of the surface.

3. Sophisticated ride-ons (cutting widths 36 - 40 cms)

Atco flagship ride-on mowers differ in their cutting widths but within the same cutting width, variations in the output, maximum speed limit are twisted. The common trait in the flagship ride-on mowers is the chassis construction, twin contra rotating blade system, discharge mechanism, powerful front and rear wheels and good forward and reverse transmission speed controls. The contrasting variations brought between the models include the turning radius, maximum speed limit and the net output. The lowest speed limit within the series is 8.9 kW whereas it is 9.7 Kw for the highest models. On comparing all the ride-on mowers with higher cutting widths, the 40H employed with twin cylinders offer maximum efficiency. The chassis contain the twin blade timed system ensures it can rotate in contrasting and overlapping directions thereby producing an amazing finish. However, if one is keen in compact ride-on but not compromising the quality, the 38-inch ride on with mulcher features lacks the rear collection box thus reducing the overall dimension.

Atco Company Overview

Atco lawn mowers were in the industry since 1921. The company bags unrivalled reputation of making quality products with good standard and performance. Lawn mowers are the key area where it excels and one can easily come across Atco product in bizarre areas like palace to pitches. Atco owing to the immense funding in the research area is able to develop product that meets and exceeds customer expectation. Adhering to the strong principles, Atco is able to develop mowers with reduced emission level by using the optimum B&S engines in their products. A notable strength of Atco is the widespread network of dealers in the UK who support the customer in after sales service so that one can be sure of dealing the mower problems at ease.

AtCo Lawn Mower Data Sheet

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Description  Rotary petrol
Mowing technology hand propelled / Power Driven
Models Available Quattro 15, 15s, Quattro 16, 16 S, Quattro 18S, Quattro 20S, Quattro 19SA
Cutting Width 15, 16, 18,20 and 21 inches
Engine Capacity Briggs & Stratton 148 cc, 140, 190 and 198 cc
Engine Start up method Recoil
Power Output 1.86kW, 2.14kW
Cutting height adjustments Five Positions
Mower deck Steel/ Polypropylene
Lawn Size 20m x 20m
Warranty 2 year

Roller Rotary Lawn Mowers

Description Rotary lawn mower
Mowing technology Push / Self Propelled
Models Available Linear 18, Linear 18S, Linear 18 SE, Linear 19SA, Linear 22SA
Cutting Width 18,19,21 inches
Engine Capacity Briggs & Stratton 140cc , 190cc
Engine Start up method Recoil, Electric Key
Power Output 2.14,2.69, 2.33Kw
Cutting height adjustments 5 and 8 positions
Mower deck Steel and Aluminium
Lawn Size 55m x 55m, 50m x 50m
Warranty Two year

Cylinder Lawn Mowers

Description Cylinder lawn mowers
Mowing technology Power Driven
Models Available Clipper 16, Clipper 20, Clipper 20 Club
Cutting Width 16 and 20 inches
Engine Capacity Briggs & Stratton 127cc and 205cc
Engine Start up method Recoil
Power Output 2.3kW
Cutting height adjustments Variable adjustment
Mower deck Steel
Lawn Size 50m x 50m
Warranty  Two year

Electric Lawn Mowers

Description Corded Electric Lawn Mower
Mowing technology Push
Models Available 15E and 16E
Cutting Width 38 and 41 cms
Motor Capacity 1600, 1800 W
Cutting Height adjustments Six , Central
Warranty Two years